Transmission Slipping?

Master ASE Certified Mechanic Jim Markle, Gainesville’s renowned Transmission Doctor, explains causes of slipping automatic transmissions (Often, it is a minor problem!) Call (386) 462-7775 now for your free diagnostic test!

 Q. My automatic transmission is slipping – what should I do?

 A. Many drivers call us worried about a slipping transmission; others, however, don’t even realize there’s a problem. They may proudly say, “my transmission shifts soooo softly!”

But “soft” is not necessarily good. Some transmissions are built to shift very smoothly, but most are not. You want to be able to distinguish the shifts. The cleaner and crisper the shift, the longer the transmission will last. Soft shifting is actually slippage — and, it may be a minor problem.  

In your automatic transmission, you have several sets of clutches. As you drive along, one set of clutches is engaged and another is disengaged. When the transmission shifts, the quicker the sets of clutches switch, the better. If it is happening slowly, there is slippage. The problem could be sticking valves, sticking pistons, worn clutches or worn bands.

But quite often, what appears to be a major problem may turn out be an electrical problem with a sensor. The throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensor, engine cooling sensor and mass air sensor are all engine load-sensing devices which if faulty can result in transmission slippage. Diagnosing the actual fault is where our expertise pays off for you. If a sensor is the cause of the problem, the repair is minor, not major.

Call Jim at (386) 462-7775 now for your free external transmission inspection and free transmission road test and electronic transmission diagnosis. Remember, your problem may be minor!

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