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“Half of the transmissions we repair only need minor work.”
Your transmission problem may not be as bad as you think!

For transmission repair, the key is figuring out what is wrong. That’s why we offer FREE diagnostics to all our customers. If your transmission is slipping, read this helpful article.

Call Jim at (386) 462-7775 now for your FREE diagnostic evaluation…

We are the experts at transmission problem diagnostics. Jim Markle, the Transmission Doctor, is an ASE Certified Master Technician who has devoted his career to achieving the highest level of knowledge and experience in servicing, diagnosing and repairing automotive transmissions.

Using wireless Verus® technology, we scan a car while test-driving it to determine if your automatic transmission is responding properly to all shift commands from the vehicle’s computer. We also conduct an external inspection. The test drive, digital diagnostics and external inspection are FREE!

If your engine runs but your vehicle won’t move at all, call us to arrange a tow to our shop, the problem may be a transmission linkage problem we can repair inexpensively…

If your automatic transmission is slipping, the problem could simply be a faulty sensor, also a low cost repair…watch our video.

We figure out what is wrong first so we do not waste time and money guessing and throwing parts at the problem. We pride ourselves on fixing your car right the first time, promptly and at a fair price…

Plus,We want to make you feel like family! Our customers say, “You get a good feeling when you come in and when you leave”… (Yes, we get hugs from our customers!)

Call Jim at (386) 462-7775 now for your FREE diagnostic test

Our super friendly shop in Alachua is just 20 minutes from Gainesville. A scenic little drive North on US 441 (13th Street) to the beautiful City of Alachua. Get directions.

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